Bob Hairstyles

Stylish short bob cuts for women

Today, Bob Hairstyle is actually one of the most popular hairstyles in the world. Women, including many famous ones, have different bob hairstyles like layered bobs, angled or dull bob Haircuts … So today I will show you the latest bob hairstyle ideas that you can sport in 2018!

1. Short Layered Bob Hair

Short layered short hairstyles are perfect for ladies with thicker hair texture, layering helps you to easily style your bob.

Short layered bob hair

2. Cute short bob with pony

This sweet dark bob hair with swept-off pony would be a great choice, especially if you have lighter skin tones.

3. 2018 Short Bob Haircut

Undercut styles are very popular and can be worn with both short and long bob hairstyles.

Short Bob Haircuts

4. Easy Short Bob Hairstyle for Women

Ombre and Balayage hair dyeing techniques are very popular with Bob Hairstyles.

5. Emily Browning Short Bob

Short Bob Hairstyles are perfect for young women with delicate figures and facial features like Emily Browning.

Emily Browning Short Bob

6. Thin hair

If you have thin hair and are looking for a textured bob hairstyle, this back view of a short bob would be an inspiration.

7. Wavy hair

Girls with wavy hair may opt for shorter bob hairstyles, chaotic style would look good on this haircut.

8. Blonde Bob

Here is a Pixie Bob hairstyle for middle-aged women with blond and skinny hair.

Short bob cuts

9. Short reversed bob

This short platinum bob hairstyle can be worn by young girls trying out new styles.

Short bob cuts

10. For black women

Short wavy bobsleigh and highlights definitely look gorgeous on black women.

11th page Swept Bob

This asymmetric bob hairstyle is feathery on the side and straight hair is a great option for black women with rounder face shapes.

12. Short pony

Choppy Layering and Pony are good for a new, stylish look, especially if you have fine and straight hair.

13. Thick hair type

This short bob hairstyle is definitely a great inspiration for women with thick and straight hair.

Short bob cuts

14. Older woman

For older women it is very important to have a fresh and fashionable hairstyle for everyday looks.

Short bob cuts

15. Julianne Hough Short Bob Hair

Simple but really chic, Julianne Hough’s Bob Hairstyle is perfect for women with blond and straight hair.

Short bob cuts

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