Short hairstyles

Stylish short hairstyle ideas

Pageboy Bob Haircut

Pagenboy Bob or so many call it Cleopatra Bob Hairstyle along with this straight bangs is a very gorgeous and soft hairstyle for any occasion. This is one of the most popular short hairstyles that you can rock in 2019. It is super on thin hair and on thick locks.

Pixie haircut with side pony

Stylish short hairstyle ideas

Pixie does not get so hot without this side pony, they make this boyish hairstyle softer and more feminine break the masculine touch in it. Pixies are already loved by the majority of busy women who barely have time to style their hair. This short style is very practical and at the same time a low-maintenance hairstyle.

Shaggy Bob Hairstyle

Stylish short hairstyle ideas

If you have a natural wavy or curly hairstyle, then your Shaggy Bob will soon be ready to conquer your heart. Women with straight hair can shave their bob haircut by curling it up with a simple curling iron. This is a very chic hairstyle for prom, wedding and cocktail parties.

Quiff for shot hair

Stylish short hairstyle ideas Stylish Quaff is not only suitable for long hairstyles, but also for short cuts. To get it, all you need is a lush pixie haircut on your hair. You can even have side shaved hairstyle, but it is important to have your barber with thicker top so that he / she can achieve the desired result.

Face Framing Short Haircut

Stylish short hairstyle ideas

Neither Bob nor a Pixie, but something in between, so we can describe this cool hairstyle that does its best to make your face beautiful. This beautiful style is for women who want to show their facial features and face shapes, but still have to combine with subtle strands that frame the face.

Short asymmetric haircut Stylish short hairstyle ideas Asymmetric is the flexible style that can be used on any hair length, but is especially suited for short cuts. So you can have a unique bob or pixie haircut in a nice asymmetrical style. Note that in 2019 it will be very stylish.


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