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Subtle balayage hair colors and hairstyles that you should see

If you’re here, it means you’re looking for a new shade to change your hair color. These discreet balayage hair colors make for a stunning hair look without any obligation. Subtle balayage highlights require that your original hair base be preserved as you go to the tips more easily, without too much drastic change.

Subtle balayage hair colors and hairstyles that should be seen

Natural looking caramel balayage

The best way to rock exquisite Balayage-blonde without going crazy is to copy those caramel locks. Brunettes will fall for this headdress, as they have the opportunity to show their brunette side without much commitment. No matter how dark your hair is, it has to be blonde. Keep your base natural and just brighten the tips. If your hair is already warm, we recommend you to incorporate some caramel highlights.

Natural looking caramel balayage Ash Balayage hair colors

Whether you are informed or not, but the ash tones are the latest craze in hair dyeing. It’s the right time to turn your brunette or blonde hair into a cooler silver. The trick to getting an excellent hair color is to use a proper technique. In this style, the shades are muted for a natural effect. However, it is a complementary dye job for those with longer hair, although women with medium or short hair can also try.

Ash Balayage hair colors Strawberry Blonde Balayage Hair Color

Do you want to turn your simple red hair color into something more interesting? Integrate balayage highlights and get a dimensional hair color. Nothing works with red better than blonde highlights. The combination of blond and red makes for a delicious strawberry blonde hair color. Take this incredible look and ask your hair colorist for something like that.

Strawberry Blonde Balayage Hair Color Copper Balayage highlights

You want to be brunette, but you are tired of your current hair color? Well, enjoy the richness of this highlighting technique by lightening up your brunette curls with rich copper balayage highlights. Note that this hair color gives a natural look and gives the style a feminine touch. It is worthwhile to try such a shadow.

Copper Balayage Highlights Gray Violet Balayage highlights

If you have a bold hair color, this is an option you should consider. It contains bold gray and violet tones that merge into each other. The perfectly matched tones make for a modern yet edgy appearance. It’s an incredible dye job for those with a short bob haircut. Update your harvest with trendy shades.

Gray Violet Balayage highlights

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