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A flowing black dress on the beach

Here’s one of the first photos we took a few weeks ago on the beach in St Ives. I’m sure you already know, after seeing my St. Ives photos, how nice it was to take a look at the beach was an honor! I’ve never done beach resorts before because I live there and I’m not around. So it was fantastic to do something different. We made sure we approached the golden hour in the evening, just as the sun went down, so the lighting was perfect, with that beautiful glow. I can safely say that these are some of my favorite photos that we’ve ever shot!

Regarding my outfit, I can not say that I wore many pieces since I was only on my RARE Hi Lo dress is one of my favorites, my Olivia Burton butterfly watch and my Ray-Ban mirror pavian sunglasses. I did not have any shoes on because I really wanted to live the beach, including all day with air dried hair, to really get that beach wave look. Unfortunately, the sea was very cold in the evening, so I did not take a lot of pictures, but we got a pair! After this set I have two more looks that we shot on vacation, so I can not wait to share this week with you! I really can not wait to go back to St. Ives and I really hope you like these photos as much as I do!


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