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Sweet plum hair colors for 2019

Here we are with the sweetest nuances of plum. It is no secret that food is the best source of inspiration for hair color. We’ve seen cherry, cinnamon twirl, pumpkin spice, and many other food-inspired shades, and all of them are fabulous. This edible shadow is as striking as others. Continue reading and discover plum hair colors for 2019.

Purple and MaMagent

If you love both violet and magenta, and you can not hold on to those tones, you should consider both. The mixture of these colors makes for a whole new look that’s twice as cool. Here is a combination of purple and magenta tones that complement a range of skin tones. If you feel like rocking something edgy and fat, you need to try it as soon as possible.

Curly Plum Hair

Like many other non-traditional shades, plum itself is a complicated shade and requires care. Be careful not to go over the top. Keep it natural and reduce maintenance. Lead the way with curls and show the beauty of the shade. It is not necessary to have the fullness of a full head of curls – only a few curls to the tips are enough. Resim_2 Fuchsia Hair Color

If pastel purple is not your cup of tea, try this fuchsia with a vintage touch. This royal color not only highlights you in the crowd, but also makes for a great hair color. Long locks are great for bringing out the beauty of the tones. Notice the incredible view of the strands. Make sure you have a nifty hair colorist to give you that look.

Light amethyst

If you scroll down your Instagram page, you’ll see many Instagram-popular colorists creating a rich amethyst hair color. It’s a bright and outstanding shadow that helps you steal the show wherever you go. If you look at that shadow, you may think that it is a washed-out lavender, but in fact it is amethyst with a hint of indigo. You are a bold woman, try this option.

Dark Mauve

If you prefer dark shades, think of this dark plum. Dark hues require less maintenance and are not as catchy as lighter tones. Those who are unwilling to commit may start with a darker tone. So, it’s a great moment to change your look with a sophisticated dark mauve. It’s important to talk to your hair color artist before you rock the shadow.

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