Long Hairstyles

Sweet ponytail hairstyles for long hair

Of all the hairstyles we know and love, a classic ponytail is the most synonymous with comfort and simplicity – but you can always go one step higher with one of those simple ideas.

What can be easier for long hair than a cute ponytail? Ponytail hairstyles are not just for the gym. You can style a stylish ponytail or a chic high ponytail for a formal event or an evening out with friends. Throw some braids into the mix and get a cool braided ponytail to soften a strict suit or go with a female floral dress.

# 1. Sweet Half-Up Trick – Trendiest ponytail hairstyles for long hair

Sweet ponytail hairstyles

# 2. Add a cute hair extension – trendy ponytail hairstyles for long hair

cute hairstyles for the school

# 3. Quirky peachy pink & chocolate brown – hottest ponytail hairstyles for long hair

cute light ponytails for medium hair

# 4. Fantastically feminine honey blond ponytail

Sweet light ponytails for long hair

# 5. Simply chic ponytail half close – beige-blond with gray-blue roots

sweet ponytail easily

# 6. Double knit big-link braid & ponytail hairstyle

sweet light ponytail styles

# 7. Let ‘s turn again – fab chaotic easy ponytail

cute easy ponytail hairstyles

# 8. Trendsetter silver & ash blonde space-age ponytail

crazy hairstyles

# 9. Clever simplicity on pink & gray ponytail

cool ponytails

# 10. Accessories for low ponytails with fashionable velvet bows

cool easy hairstyles

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