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The best hairstyles for men for 2019 (and beyond)

Let’s take a look at the best hairstyles for men we’ve seen lately.

Generally we see men haircuts showing longer hairstyles with movement and flow. The trends are more natural-looking mens hairstyles that are designed with lighter hold and matte pomades. You can use a hair dryer to get an exaggerated flow and extra volume to your hairstyle.

Although the trend is for longer hair, we’ve included some of our top picks for guys who want to short haircuts ,

Some of these looks are fade haircuts , Others are completely silhouette cut everywhere including the sides and back.

You will also find that Haircuts of the best men for curly hair, wavy hair and thick hair.

Okay, let’s take a look and see the 100 best haircuts men are getting.


Tom Baxter hair

The Quiff Haircut has been a super popular mens haircut choice over the last few years. With a high fade effect, the cut focuses on chaotic textures and flows on top.

mensworldherkappers-long messy textured-prickly-haircut

Men’s World Herenkapper

This haircut shows messy, longer, textured hair with short, shaved sides. A modern interpretation of the undercut.

barber_djirlauw-paper cut short-sides-long-hair-on-top

Ruben Djirlauw

A great example of a classic smoothed look. But here is the hair at the top a little more natural. This is not the traditional approach of styling with a shiny pomade. Instead, the hair was brushed back and blown dry with a hair dryer to allow the natural flow and movement. Use a matte pomade.

ppreshaw slick side-part hairstyle-for-men

Paul Preshaw

A great hairstyle for men. To get this look, you should use a product that has a little gloss. Add a small amount of a shiny pomade to damp hair. Comb on the spot. To get some extra body use, a hair dryer.


This was a popular men’s hairstyle in recent years. Shaved pages. Long hair on top. You have to use a hair dryer to get the big big hair factor up. A great look for any guy, but works best with thicker hair types.

Agus de Asís hair artist

As we have said, longer hair looks are required. More and more guys are taking off their hair longer. This is a nice scissors cut haircut for men with curly hair. Lots of good looking flow and movement. Has a separate beard.

Robert Braid

That is a cool haircut for boys to get. It has a bland fade, side part, surgical line, a long fringe (pony) and longer messy textured hair on top.

Antonio Mateo

Another great example of short sides (high fade) and long hair on top.


One of the best undercuts we have ever seen. If you have a wealth of thick hair, this might be a good option. The hair above is wild to flow.

Fraser Milligan

A cool version of the undercut. Here we have an asymmetric look with the long front pony.

Dre Haare

A beautifully rejuvenated haircut. A great partial cut. Not too much shearing machine, mostly paper cutting.

Morris Motley

Another great haircut without fade. Instead, the hairs on the sides were neatly trimmed with scissors. Ultra long fringes on the front.

Alternative Barbering Co.

A super cool short cut mens haircut with little fade and a lot of flow.

Haircut of Rafa subway

Such a cool haircut. Messy medium textures on top give this spiky look. Fringe was held longer. Another undercut with a very modern touch.

Haircut of Tom Baxter hair

Another great example of a haircut. This one is on the shorter side. The textures give this spiky appearance at the top. Use a medium to strong hold pomade to style the haircut in place.

Haircut of Agus De Asis

This is a great taper haircut with some great ones medium length flow up. You must use a hair dryer to get this flow and movement.

virogas.barber medium Mens haircut

Haircut of Virogas Barbershop

This haircut for men has a super clean mid fade on the sides and back. Perfectly integrated into the short film medium long hair on top. A great tidy look for those of you who have thick, wavy or curly hair.

Haircut of Nathan Emery

Perfectly shaped curls held up at the top and sides fade briefly with a middle one.

Haircut of Javi The Barber

A great-looking line-up in the front. To make the hair look like this, you must use a hair dryer and brush. You can blow dry hair with or without a light to medium pomade.

Haircut of Braid barbers

A bald / drop fade keeps things cool on the back and sides. Curly hair at the top is wild. Long fringes in front. If you have thick curly hair, that’s a great look. Easy to style and wait. Just towel dry and go.

Haircut of Talitha ‘Tils Maddison

A beautiful classic men’s hairstyle with a modern touch. A mixture of a side part and Pompadour hairstyle ,

Haircut of Tom Baxter hair

A handsome classic men’s haircut with side panel. Short on the sides. Long hair on top.

Squeak Pro Barber

This is such a great haircut for men. Super versatile. Easy to style. It has a high fade with medium-length hair on top, which can be styled in many ways. Style a pomp, slip it back, comb it into a side hairstyle or just wear it dry and natural. So many possibilities. To get this look, use a light to medium size pomade. Put a small amount of pomade in your hair when it is dry. Or, work it into damp hair and use a hair dryer and brush to get that movement and wavy look.


This is such a great summer haircut for men. Works with every hair type. The hair was cut off at the top. Provides a drop-down on the skin and a cool-looking beard.

Burst fade

Swiss hair from Zainal

This haircut is half undercut half pompadour. It has a dropdown on the skin. To get this look, you need a hair dryer. This gives the hair body, flow and movement. Brush and blow dry on one side. Brush and blow dry from front to back. It’s amazing what only a brush and a hair dryer can do to give the hair a big flow. You do not even have to use a product. A light to medium pomade, however, helps to maintain the hair for more hours of the day.

Dang cuts hair

Another great example of the modern undercut. Messy textured hair on the top gives the undercut a modern feel.

Conor Taaffe

A low fade on the sides and back with middle hair flowing up the left as it pleases.

Dynasty barbers

Cool side hard part emphasizes this high fade. Perfectly mixed in longer natural hair at the top.

Men’s World Herenkapper

An undercut with long messy textured hair at the top. Super clean little fade.


A bald faded haircut with long wavy hair on top. Much contrast continues.

Virogas barber

Cool appearance faded, side part (shaved hard part). Great looking medium length ladies hairstyle.

Julius Cvesar

Clean center fade with natural curls above. Hard part separates and contrasts the sides of the hair at the top.

Whitney Vermeer and Ignite models

Such a great look for guys who have curly hair. Super clean cut short sides that blend into thick curly hair and longer fringes.

Whitney Vermeer

Another masterpiece of curly hair. Nice cut, fresh looking sides. The hair on top is left to do his own thing.

Pat Regan

A cool simple neck design carved in this great looking cone fade. Perfectly integrated into a short classic men’s haircut. Use a small amount of pomade or just towel dry and brush it in place. Super easy to style.

Tom Chapman

A cool thick textured hairstyle for men with curly hair.

Juan Morales

Mullets are in. And will grow in popularity in the direction of 2018. This is a super cool undercut meets Pompadour meets mullets.

Medium hairstyles for men 2018

Morris Motley

If you have thick hair, this is a great haircut to try. Tapered on the sides. Long hair styled back at the top. You can style it in a side part look or just slide back.

Josh Connolly

I really like this haircut. The undercut is not shaved as you normally see. The hair above is combed back. You can either brush it and blow dry it. Or you can go for a smoother look by using a shiny pomade, working in wet hair and simply brushing or combing your hair.

Underground Veria

Another great example of where things are going. More flow, movement and longer hair lengths. A good-looking, rejuvenated haircut for men. Short on the sides, but no skin. Styled course in a side part.


Mohawks have become more popular in 2018. This cut shows a bland fade, which is arranged in the front to keep things clean and fresh, and the curls up are natural to do their thing.


A long pony just looks cool. This is a modern version of the classic skater haircut for men. Long textures are styled forward in the flow of the fringe. The heavier front and top hairstyle contrasts perfectly with the middle fade on the sides and back.

Ross Parlane hair salon

Short haircuts for men never go out of fashion and always look good. This is a great hairstyle for guys who have thick hair and want to keep things clean and fresh. This look has a medium skin tone and short textured hair on the top, which are styled into a quiff. The great thing about short haircuts is that they are super easy-care and stylish. Not much. Simply towel dry, work a small amount of pomade into damp or dry hair and fix with your fingers. One of best short haircuts you could get.

Javi the barber

A totally cool haircut. Part of Mohawk, part of Quiff, part of Pompadour. It has a bland fade that puts the emphasis on the wild loose hair on top. To get this look you need to use a hair dryer and a brush.

Alessio Bolognesi

Crop haircuts have been very popular since 2018. They still go strong when we go to the second half of the year 2018 and will likely continue to be a top choice for guys who like a short haircut, as we did in 2018. Crop haircuts work for all hair types. First we saw mainly dull cut plants. Nowadays we see more structured and asymmetrical fringes. This is somehow in between. This is definitely one of the best haircuts for men who want to keep their hair short. It is also one of the best haircuts for receding hairlines because the hair is styled forward.

Hard grinding

A very natural looking classic male haircut. Short sides, slightly longer at the top, brushed.

Jake’s hair salon

Another good haircut for guys who have thick or wavy hair. A classic look with short sides and medium-length hair. It can of course be styled back as in this photo or combed back with a strong holding pomade with shiny finish.

Adam O’Callaghan

A totally cool, rejuvenated haircut. The hair at the top and back is held longer so that the hair moves and flows from front to back.

Alan Schnabel

This is the best haircut for curly hair. Things were all cleaned along the hairline with an incredible tiny makeover. The curly hair up and back is naturally allowed to flow.

Ryan cuts hair

This is one of the best hairstyles for thick hair or curly hair. Styled in a side part quiff. Super cool haircut for men.

Dill black

This cut shows little fading with natural curls styled with a twist sponge.

Top hairstyles for men

Carter Supply Co.

One of the best hairstyles for thick wavy hair. This look is now trendy. The sides are cut short (but not faded) to accentuate the natural wave flow at the top. Fade haircuts are still super popular, but more people are choosing more natural looks like this.

Linus Jasper

Another amazing haircut for men with thick hair. A classic men’s cut, which is very popular in the years 2018 and 2018. The things are trimmed and cleaned up. But no clipper works. No shaved hair. No skin. This is what we will see more and more in 2018. More people opt for longer hair.

Josh Lamonaca

I love this haircut. This is one of the best haircuts for thin hair of fine hair. If you have less hair, you want a haircut that holds more, but puts emphasis on what’s left over. This taper fade and short sides accomplish that. Perfect in a medium length on the top, which has a tremendous amount of flow.

Underground Veria

This is one of my favorite haircuts I’ve seen in the last year. I like fading haircuts that are not just classically fading. This haircut shows a cool 80s design with hard lines on the back and sides that give the fade extra detail. Very cool. I got this hairstyle myself after seeing Rafa. On the top we have some nice, soft, medium textures.

Shane Cronin

Another fantastic haircut. I love this rough textured hairstyle that has faded a tall skin. To get this hairstyle, use a firmer pomade. Work it in the damp hair. Blow dry your hair and brush it in place. This is a super cool unconnected undercut meets quiff.

Mokum barbers

A few years ago it was about short structured haircuts. Then things developed into longer structured haircuts like this one. This is a good hairstyle for guys who have thicker hair, whether your hair is coarse or fine. The structured cut facilitates the styling. You can towel dry or blow dry for a short time. Then just work a medium to strong pomade into the hair to bring the textures to life. Every day you can get a different look, depending on the direction in which you position the hair. That’s great on structured haircuts like this one.

Javi the barber

Such a great conical haircut. Classic. Simply brush and blow dry from front to back.

Glass box barbershop

A nice simple classic short haircut for men to get right away. The hair is styled forward a bit forward with a flip-back and sideways forward.

Pat Regan

A beauty temple fades with natural curls that are perfectly shaped above.

Matt J.

Keep things cool in summer with a bare fade on the sides, but a longer hair length at the top.

Wavy hairstyles for men

Whitney Vermeer

Whitney has released some haircuts of the best men for curly hair. Here she has nicely structured the curly hair and cut it short to medium long.


Soon fading on the sides to keep things fresh. Wild curls on top.

Andrew makes hair

If you are thinking about growing your hair long, this is a great cut that will take you in the right direction. The sides are short, but not near the skin. The top hair is clean cut and styled in a modern slick-back look.

Nomad Barber LDN

Incredible shape.

Simon Harvey

Another great haircut for men who want to keep their hair longer. The hair is cut nice and neat and will take care of it let the hair grow even longer over time.


Long hair is cool. More and more people are growing their hair out. Looks good with the beard. Hair can be tied into a knot, held in a ponytail or simply released.

Mohawk fade haircuts

Erin Grommon

A cool Mohawk pompadour hairstyle.

Zach Ramsey

Low bare fade and medium length curls on top. Super clean line in front.

Andrew makes hair

A simple and natural look. A great sharpened haircut in a side panel. To keep this style full of life and body, you need to use a hair dryer.

Sam Campagna

The haircut has been the most popular haircut lately. This one features a longer edge that stands tall.

pocket hairdresser

A cool longer hairstyle for men.

Sam Campagna

This is a good hairstyle for guys who have fine or thin hair. The bald fade puts the focus on the medium to longer hair. A haircut like this will make it look like you have more hair than you might have.

Little Jay

Another amazing textured Quiff haircut. A popular choice for guys who have thick hair.

Conor Taaffe

A cool structured undercut. The bald fade separates the longer hair, which is styled forward, in the longer fringes.

Braid barbers

If you want a cool spiky hairstyle, go for this choppy quiff. Works well with thick hair.

Dean Marshall Braid

Longer hair. A lot of movement. Long fringe. Shaved pages. Great cool look.

Zach Ramsey

This is the best short haircut for men who want little care. It’s so easy to style. Simply towel dry and use a very small amount of pomade with light to medium hold. Or, of course, go and do not use a product. Super easy.

Rum barber

This is a perfect blend of a middle fade into natural curls.

Andrew makes hair

If you have less hair, fine hair or thinning hair, this is a great haircut. A short textured hairstyle with short hair on the sides, but not shaved on the skin.

Zach Ramsey

One of the most popular men’s hairstyles for short hair. The butt cut haircut. This haircut is the best haircut for all hair types. It is suitable for thick hair, curly or wavy hair or super fine straight hair. Also one of the most Haircuts of the popular boy ,

Rock Stars Barbers & Coffee

A rejuvenated haircut with tapered sides looks fantastic, with a slightly longer finish. Bigger hair, more flow means more fun.

Underground Veria

Another great example of people who tend to grow their hair. Pages are cut short but not super short (to the skin). Hair on the top and fringes on the front are longer. You can smooth or stylize it with a side panel.

Sur hairdressers

Tamed curls. Short back and sides. Cool curly fringe in the front. A good looking hairstyle for curly hair.

Muse of the barber

A killer temple fades with natural curls that have grown in the back.

Alessio Bolognesi

Medium textures at the top with a high fade.

Juan Lopez

A super cool mohawk fade with a surgical part that shares the fading.


Mohawks are also trendy and popular these days. This Mohawk haircut looks great with a bare drop that fades and separates the beard. Style with a pomade that has shine to get this look.

Jr Barbershop

Cool long fringes at the front and longer hair combed at the top in one side part.

Agus de Asís hair artist

Long, loose hair is blown dry and brushed back. The longer length at the top stands out from the low skin color.

Andrew makes hair

This is a great haircut to show thick wavy hair. Fringe is held long. Another modern version of the classic skater haircut of the 80s.


A beautiful shape in the front and temple hairlines. Mid fade haircut with medium length hair on top. To get this look, use a small amount of pomade with light to medium hold. Blow dry and brush from front to back. It is the hair dryer that does all the work. It gives the body body, flow and movement.

Nomad Barber BLN

A nice haircut. This is the best haircut for wavy hair. It has a medium fade with a step that depicts the side panel. The side part is further exaggerated with a fine hard (shaved) part. The hair is neatly combed to the side. To add some detail to the wavy hair, use a pomade with some shine. A classic men’s haircut with a modern feel.

Ryan Cullen

The hair at the top and back is held longer to allow additional flow and movement. Again, you must use a hair dryer to get this style.

Squeak Pro Barber

The best classic men’s short haircut. This haircut will look good on any man for any occasion.

Eddie Rosado

Super short. Super clean. Looks good with the beard.

Adam Joseph Chase

A really good hairstyle for guys who have thick hair. Cut short on the sides, but not shaved. Longer hair on top is styled back.

By Matt J. Hairdressers

A bald pale with natural curls on top.

Zach Ramsey

Cool hard part. Put a nice accent on the high fade.

Tom Baxter hair

Finally, we have a good-looking medium-length textured haircut for men with a perfect low fade.

For more great trends look at these fresh bland haircuts and this latest hairstyles for men ,

Find one of these incredibly talented barbers in your city!

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