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The Furry Slides or Sliders Trend Review + Top 12 pairs to buy

The Furry Slides & Sliders Trend Report + My Top 12 Tips

Ok, before you think I’ve gone crazy with this blog post, stop me! Since here on Raindrops of Sapphire I will treat my thoughts on trends and different kinds of posts like this as well, I thought it would be interesting to start with a trend that is quite controversial (it’s literally like Marmite). The trend Fell slide has become popular since Rihanna introduced her to working with Puma at the end of last year, so she is not all that new. Celebrities have been wearing them for many months as well, such as Khloe Kardashian, Sofia Richie, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and so on, so it’s definitely something everyone sees.

I will not lie like I never like, so I would say that I am Fur slides was ridiculous when I first heard from them and saw them. I thought, why on earth would someone want a pair of slides with fur? Sure, it defeats the purpose of the slide? “But my mind slowly changed after being more and more exposed to the trend, but most of all, because so many brands transferred their view to him and I fell in love with a couple. How did this happen? Well, I went shopping with my mother in Bristol a few weeks ago and we saw a lady wearing a black faux-fur slide in a shop. I perceived it twice and thought, “Do you know what? Personally, these look pretty cool! “So I went to River Island to try on the same couple and see what they looked like.

I immediately found the faux fur slides, as they all hung in different colors on the shoe department. The black was what I liked most because I think it’s the most versatile and minimal, but I definitely love the gray and the khaki as well, so they could have found their way to my wish list. As I put them on, I looked in the mirror and thought that they looked really cute, just like my mother, but I did not buy them because I knew that Adam would absolutely hate them (for the record, he thinks that she does it’s the worst shoes he’s ever seen in his life, and those are his exact words, ha ha) and I sometimes like his opinion on my shoes. I also thought that the trend could be one of those fads that you look back on in pictures and immediately regret it, wondering why you chose to wear it and think that you actually look cool. I know, the 80s and 90s do that for a lot of people! But after spending about a week over Fell slide I decided that I wanted to get the River Island couple and I did not care what anyone thought. I think they are cute and I will wear them as I please, so I bought them at the store on Saturday (much to Adam’s dismay).

Now I know that half of the population hides and loves the other half, but I hope to find out what people think of them. So, if you hate her, let me know, and if you love her, I want to know too! Just be honest. I think for me it really depends on how you wear them, so I wear my blacks with black skinny jeans because I think the combination is actually pretty cool. I also wore them with my cropped Levi’s 501 jeans because I think they look really cute. I have a tendency to slides now because they are so comfortable! So, anyway, if you hate the trend and this post does not make you like it, no problem, but for those of you who Fell slide Love, I have added my favorite Top 12 available at the moment and they are all faux since I would not include real fur. Since they are faux, it makes them incredibly affordable! My River Island couple was only £ 22, which I think is a fantastic price for a durable shoe!

Top 12 faux fur sliders and plates

River Island Black Flurry Sliders

River island Khaki Green Faux Fur Sliders

Steve Madden Softey Faux Fur Sliders

Topshop Harlow Pink / Blue Faux Fur Sliders

Topshop Hoot Faux Fur Black Sliders

River Island Gray Faux Fur Sliders

Topshop Harlow faux fur black sliders

Topshop Hoot Lilac Faux Fur Sliders

Puma x Rihanna Fur Slide

Topshop Purple Hairy Furry Sliders

H & M Faux Fur Black Slides

ASOS Firecracker Jelly Flatform Fur Sliders

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