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The Half-Updo: A step-by-step guide

How to do a Half-Updo

Before you begin to style, it is crucial that you prepare your hair. If you have washed your hair, you must have it either on its own or with a hair dryer. Do not use too much heat, otherwise your hair might look frizzy.

If your hair is dry, brush it thoroughly to remove tangles and make it smoother. If your hair is on the drier side, use a moisturizer to make your hair look more shiny and moisturizing. You can then start making half an updo.

Step 1

Beginnen Sie mit dem B├╝rsten Ihrer Haare

Start by brushing your hair back. Divide your hair in two parts. Then gather the front part on your crown and let the rest of your hair loose.

step 2

Der Teil, den Sie ausgeschnitten haben
For this step you have to turn the part you have cut out, the ends of your strands. Make sure you twist it tight so it does not come loose.

step 3

the twisted part
Now, wrap the twisted part around it to make a miniature bun. Hold it with the help of hairpins. Attach the updo with a splash of hair spray.

You can also spray the hairpins with hair spray before using them. This will ensure that they will not slip out and ruin your hairstyle.

Final look

This is the last look
This is the final look. And we assure you, it will not take more than five minutes to style.

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