New Hairstyles

These will be your new hairstyles this season

These will be your new hairstyles this season

The fall season usually means cooler temperatures and lower humidity, which is basically perfect hair weather. So why not take this opportunity to try some new styles? Simple to new and chic enough to be worn at home, in the office or on a date, the range of hairstyles we have put together will surely become the absolute trendsetter this season as well. Let us know which is your favorite piece and why!

Put a bow on it: This season, the bows are still in vogue and we have to say we’re pretty happy about them – especially because they work on all hair lengths. You can pretty well integrate them into any style, but our favorite is a ponytail. Keep it classic with a black ribbon or add color and texture with a mauve or velvet ribbon. Picture about Glitter Guide

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