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Top 10 Beautiful curly long hairstyles

If you are blessed with naturally curly hair, you no longer need to take help from the flat iron. Consider yourself lucky because curls are “in” at this season and will stay here. We see more and more celebrities and fashion-conscious women on their way to the salon to get these beautiful curly hairstyles.

A curly hairstyle can easily accentuate your appearance; It is fashionable, feminine and chic. In addition, curls, if properly styled, can be playful and coquettish, and easily contribute to increasing the glam quotient.

If you have long hair, you have options girl!

Take a cue from these beautiful long curly hairstyles and look your stylish best:

1. Long, soft romantic curls:

Long, soft romantic curls

Tulisa Contostavlos shows us how long, cascading soft romantic curls can help to grab the full attention.

Hair in this beautiful romantic style of all the long curly hairstyles, she not only splatters her amazing signature luscious locks, but also gives us a little inspiration!

An eye-framing look with a side panel and the crown teased for that extra volume completes this beautiful curly long hairstyle.

2. Gorgeous long blonde curly hairstyle:

Gorgeous long blonde curly hairstyle
Nicole Kidman shows us once again how to break the rules with this gorgeous long blond curly hairstyle.
Bouncy curls were coupled with a faceted layer cut, which radiates the desired momentum.

3. Enviable flowing golden natural curls:

enviable flowing golden natural curls
Jennifer Lopez is truly enviable with her stunningly flowing golden nature curls.
Of course, if you have curly long hair, try this hairstyle and you would certainly look great.

4. Long layers with small tight curls / corkscrew curls:

Long layers with small tight curls / corkscrew curls
One side layered long layered hairstyle with small tight curls ( Corkscrew curls)

If you like this bootylicious Curls Dear, you know that this hairstyle not only adds extra volume, but also multiplies the Glam ratio!

5. Healthy, beautiful long tight curls:

Healthy, beautiful long tight curls
If you want to flaunt beautiful, healthy, long, tight curls, then choose the style of Denise Richards.

6. Airy and messy lush red curls:

Airy and messy lush red curls
For this fresh and fun look, try the American actress Debra Messinging’s airy and messy red, luscious curls lock hairstyle.

7. Lustrous Bouncy – Ringlet Curls:

Lustrous Bouncy - Ringlet Curls
The American actress Halle Berry shows this totally rocking glamorous curly hairstyle with loose, soft bouncy curls forming shiny curls that emphasize her beauty in a variety and helpful way she captures all the attention of the audience!

8. Haphazard Wavy Medium Curls:

Haphazard wavy medium curls
Here is a easy-care hairstyle for curly long hair that Shakira wears.

Sarah Jessica Parker is smooth, bouncy, long, loose waves with medium curls seem to be the perfect choice to get this random but attractive look.

9. Classic curly ponytail:

Classic curly ponytail
A beautiful evening hairstyle, which is very easy to reach and highlights you with its simple elegance.

10. Elegant Low Curly Bun:

Elegant Low Curly Bun
For the perfect prom look, you can choose this curly hairdo with updo. This looks both elegant and glamorous and lets you show your neck and shoulders.

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