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Top 10 Layered hairstyles for shoulder-length hair

Shoulder Length Layered hairstyles are common and easy to sports. Some of us like the idea of ​​straight and slender shoulder-length hairstyles, while others prefer a choppy or layered shoulder length. A layered shoulder-length hairstyle adds a touch of glamor to your style quotient.

I have selected 10 hairstyles that you can try. Based on your sense of style and the shape of your face, you can decide which one to choose and which sport you want to exercise.

1. Classy feathered pony on layered shoulder length hairstyle:

This is a simple but classy look. With a touch of blond hue, this can also be a hot look for you. Give the pony a few feathers with the heat of your blow-dry and a paddle brush.
Noble feathered pony on layered, shoulder-length hair

2. Middle Parted Fringe Messy Layers:

This is also an easy to do hairstyle. Use your large barrel curler to get loose curls, followed by repeated brushes to make curls in waves. This haircut for medium hair is not only easy, it also adds a glamorous quotient to your look!
Middle Parted Fringe Messy Layers

3. Choppy Graduated Layers with choppy front fringes:

This is a very nice hairstyle and you do not have to do anything with it once you have the cut. A salon visit is recommended to get this cut.
Graduated graduated layers with choppy front fringes

4. Messy Layers:

This is a totally chaotic look that you can achieve with some wet hair gel. But before you apply gel, give your hair some big curls and brush it out to get waves.

Messy layers

5. Messy Choppy Outward Layers with Graded Pony:

A decent yet sophisticated look, but you need an experienced hairdresser to get that look. Not only that, you should work well with feather hairstyles so that you can later emulate and perfect that style to you.
Messy Choppy Outward layers with tiered bangs

6. Frozen Outward Layers and Front Hanging Pony:

If you have voluminous hair, then this back-bundled frozen hairstyle with layers and bangs can be very easy to style. You can get the layers and the front pony from a nice living room. The rest of the style of the frozen half can be done with repeated teasing and outside combs. Use strong hold hairspray to keep the frozen formation in place.
Frozen Outward Layers and Front Hanging Bangs

7. Heavy Pangs and Layers:

A front-heavy-banged hairstyle with a little dark eye and nude lip makeup gives you a gothic look. Heavy bangs go perfectly with the layered hairstyle of medium length.

Heavy pony and layers

8. Messy Wavy Layered Hairstyle with Graded Front Pony:

Only a good barber can give you a bang staggered front that you can share on one side.
Messy wavy layered hairstyle with tiered front bangs

9. Choppy Medium Side Bangs with Layered Shoulder Length Hairstyle:

This is a cute and cute of the middle hairstyles, if you have the perfect smooth layers that can be brushed inside and this middle cut bangs on one side, which is followed shortly by another layer long pony.
Choppy Medium Side Bangs with Layered Shoulder Length Hairstyle

10. Barbie Bangs and Tilted Middle Parting:

This is a Barbie doll type hairstyle that can look really cute with an interior brushed graded medium length bangs on both sides.
Barbie Bangs and Tilted Middle Parting

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