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Top Red Hair Colors for 2020

From ginger to fairy tones, red is always a bold choice. While this may be a big change for you, the experts predict that this is the top trend of the year. Reds can be adapted to any skin tone and eye color. Next time you feel a big change, check the pictures we’ve selected for you. You can not make a mistake with any of these styles, but you can make a bold statement. I am sure you will love these styles. Here are the top red hair colors of 2019 .

Copper-gold hair color

In trying to select the best red hair colors, this copper-gold came to mind first. Prominent hair colorists predict that this hue will be everywhere. The key to achieving the most natural hair color is indeed copper. Every highlight applied to the color must be warm. So make sure you have chosen everything in harmony. Vibrant and natural red hair color

This red also appears supernatural and is also very noticeable and dimensional. Those who like dark tones will definitely appreciate it. Note that it is tan than red, but the reddish hues that are melted into the paint make it rich and dimensional. If you are not ready to attract too much attention, this is the biggest color you should consider. Living Coral Hair Color

This color of the year will inevitably occur with redheads. It looks like a pink gold, but not completely. All you have to ask is a mix of blonde and red. The half-blond and half-red tones make a great combination of the year. So we think that the shadow will increase in popularity and not only celebrities but also ordinary women will rock the shadows. Auburn highlights

Sometimes you just have to play with simple highlights to get a fabulous hair look. It’s easy to get and does not require too much maintenance. You can choose your favorite tones to rock the look. The best look is shown below. Let yourself be inspired.

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