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Trendy Medium Haircuts & Top Color Designs 2019

Even if you think that medium-sized haircuts are boring, this is absolutely true. Medium-length hair is acutely capable and absolutely accessible. With medium-length hair you can do a lot: from updos about glass and adult styles to blue hairstyles! Medium-length haircuts are very trendy. In addition, not everyone can wear a short hairstyle and not everyone has the patience for really long hair. If you are looking for new ideas for haircuts, you are in the right place!

The best thing about this style is that it looks good on any face shape and is suitable for any hair structure. Besides, bobs are always in style. To achieve that special look, blow dry your hair with a round brush, the bigger, the better. And then run a flat iron over the ends. Spray with a flexible hair spray to allow movement.

This look is so easy to maintain and will always be in demand. All you have to do is have a big round brush and a hair dryer. If you want a touch of flair, flip the ends either above or below, or in both directions for a carefree style. Finally, a hairspray with medium hold to allow gentle movements.

With its fringe and soft layers that gently frame the face, it is one of the most impressive mid-hair cuts. Apply a smooth product to the hair when it is wet, and then blow-dry it. Then use a flat iron to soften your hair and spray it with a strong hair spray.

This look gives your hair a modern, airy look and feel. Apply thermal protection to completely dry hair and curl it vertically in different directions with a large curling iron. Slip and smooth the pony gently with a flat iron. Add your favorite texturizing product, such as For example, sea salt spray, and finish with a medium-finish finish finish.

With its curls curving backwards, this look is beautiful. Apply your favorite styling product to wet hair and then dry it with a large round brush from the neck. When each section is dry, roll the hair into the knot and let it cool before releasing it. Repeat this process by working your way up from the bottom up.

This mid-size bob is cut evenly in length but has shorter layers than the back for maximum volume and movement. For styling, smooth the damp hair with smoothing cream and blow-dry it with a styling brush. If necessary, use a flat iron to make sure your hair is smooth and supple.


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