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Two simple voluminous waves tutorials

Start by sharing your hair. You have to divide them into two flat areas, best and best. Complete the best area and start at the base. Separation into two areas. In length. Decisive step to get voluminous waves. Step 4

Will go

Two simple voluminous waves tutorials

Starting on your hair from a first or top segment of your hair. Then hold the curler upright. Then pull yourself between your hair strands. Focus on the next part. It is important. Hold the curler upright and bend it slightly away from your face. Then hold for 6 to 12 seconds (close to it) and evacuate the curler cylinder by pulling and releasing it.

Step 5

Then repeat the process

Two simple voluminous waves tutorials

Step 6

Use a spray to moisturize your hair

At the point where each of your twists is in, use the spray to prune or moisten your hair. The mist should hold the hair perfectly to get a correct output. Then keep both hands away from your twists or curls for at least thirty minutes! By then you can gently rake all your fingers slowly through your twists to isolate a bit. You can even go through these twists to get a wave. Now you have regular, voluminous waves.

Tutorial two

The second tutorial is also for voluminous waves. This will help you to get that look in a very short time.

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is sort out the best 50% of your hair. Then you have to cut for another time. Spray the lower half softly with hairspray. You can use any good hair spray for this purpose.

step 2

By holding the lower part of the hair and holding the curler upright, bend it slightly away from the face. It is better to take 50% of the hair from below. It is better to use a curling iron with shaft 1 ½.

step 3

To get voluminous waves, you should carefully focus on the next steps. This is how your curls look after the crotch. You can see it in the picture. I twist the base half completely free to save the length. Then help him to lie better after being properly curled and turned.

Step 4

Drop the top segment onto your shoulders. Then you have to spray each segment separately before you twist and curl it. Then make sure each segment gets an appropriate level of spray.

Step 5

Keep your hair away from the face. You have to curl them up and back. It should be on the very top.

Step 6

Very crispy and firm curls! If someone thinks about giving up the process just like that, you should never do that. This development is critical; However, using a considerable amount of spray is the thing that will help you to get a better result for your hair.

Step 7

Two simple voluminous waves tutorials

With a good comb or a brush you need to brush your curls far back and far from your face. At the chance that you have used a really solid spray, this is incomprehensible! I suggest using a product Kenra. There are other adaptable holding sprays.

You can use a better product so you do not have a problem.
The results you get should look like mine in the pictures. After that, if you still have problems, then check the process.

These two methods can give you voluminous waves. It will be like professional hairstyling. It’s very easy.

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