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Two-tone hair color ideas

Look at these cool two-tone hair colors and find your style. For those who have decided to become a completely different lady, I will propose more bold ideas.

Blond pastel Two-tone hair color

Two-tone hair color ideas Do you have light blond hair? Make it more attractive and fascinating with pastel shades. Each pastel hair color works perfectly with blond and gives you a delicate hairstyle. Choose the shade you like the most between sky blue, lavender, mint green and any other hue and feel how beautiful your monotonous hair will look.

Black-Purple Two-tone hair color

Two-tone hair color ideas When pastels go with pale blonde hair colors, the deep purple is ideal for dark black hair. They create a stunning balance and make your hair look brighter and healthier. You also get a glamorous look.

Brown to Blonde Bicolored hair color

Two-tone hair color ideas Of course, one of the most popular combinations of two-tone hair colors is the brown-blonde option. It is a well-balanced and stylish hair color that works with both light and dark tones.

Blonde to Pink Two-tone hair color

Two-tone hair color ideas Another idea of ​​a two-tone hair color with pastel shades is the combination of platinum blonde and pink. These two subtle tones harmoniously blend in with each other and look very fashionable. They are perfect for light and light skin tones.

Brown-red Two-tone hair color

Two-tone hair color ideas To beautify your natural brown hair color, add a red tint to the tops of your curls. This effect works best with olive, medium and dark skin tones and is especially prefect for fall.

Black to turquoise Two-tone hair color

Two-tone hair color ideas Black and Turquoise hair color is the latest trendy idea in the world of fashion. It looks very stunning and has a delicate touch. The effect is more astounding if you hold the upper part in dark black and the ends in turquoise or blue-green tone.

Fire and Flame Two-tone hair color

Two-tone hair color ideas Warm up your complexion for the cold season. Fiery red and light ginger tones with some blonde tones create a fire and flame effect for your hair. This is perhaps the most striking hair color idea for long curls and it looks stunning especially on curls.

Two-tone hair color ideas


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