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Vanilla Lilac Hair Color: The newest shade of 2020

A few things you can see in the coming seasons are the sweaters, pullovers, and sweaters. But it’s time to forget sweaters. Let’s just enjoy a new hair color that’s more than a nuance. It is a definition of femininity and splendor. Meet vanilla lilac hair color which is considered one of the finest shades of 2019. Read on to learn all you need to know about this lightweight and ultra-feminine trend.

The details about the shadow

Well, in autumn and in winter everyone likes to darken their hair according to the mood of the season. Well, having dark hair is not bad, but not a must. You can keep it light or dark, the choice is yours. When it comes to this trend, it surfaced on Instagram when a woman uploaded a picture of gentle waves that faded with a magical mix of brunette roots that fade to cinnamon and vanilla tones that gradually brighten to pastel-colored lilac colors. It may sound confusing, but you will absolutely fall for this shadow. How can I get it?

You may now want to know how it is possible to get that head hair color. Well, it goes without saying that if you get such a shade, you need to whiten some strands of your strands and then apply the lavender color. Because it’s a light shade, bleaching is a must. Her hair dyer mentioned that her client already had lightened threads, so she also worked on frames framing the face. Such an expression requires expert knowledge. Therefore, you need to make sure your hair colorist is skilled enough to give you that current nuance.

If you have dark hair, we strongly recommend that you start from the dark purple color as bleaching your hair to the brightest color can be harmful. Contact your hair care professional before choosing a purple tone for your hair. Do not miss your chance to experiment with vanilla lilac, the hottest trend of the season.




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