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Vintage inspired hairstyles for men for 2019

Many years ago, men wore hairstyles that looked super reputable and classic, although today we still see men who prefer such hairstyles. But have you ever thought about combining modern and vintage hairstyles to get a new cool look? If not, then you should because the combination of retro and modern is simply unbelievable. If you do not believe it, look at it vintage inspired hairstyles for men for 2018.

Vintage Inspired Hairstyles for Men for 2018

Vintage undercut

In this glamorous style, the hair was shaved. Create a cool undercut that was separated from the longer upper locks with the help of some center separation. It is a classic headdress that can be worn both casual and formal. When it comes to facial hair, you can combine it with a full-blown stubble beard, though a thick beard will do the trick.

Vintage undercut

Vintage pompadour

It’s a typical vintage inspired pompadour looks better with a modern twist. The sides have been kept short while the front is long enough to be styled in a sleek pompadour. To keep your splendor in place, opt for strong hair retention products. Anyway, it’s a mustache that adds a vintage touch to the style. This headdress looks exactly like a mustache.

Wavy locks

Men with naturally wavy texture will easily get a hairstyle like this. Well, the skin fades on the sides can be easily seen. The hair on the top has been crossed off by a natural-looking wave. It offers extra volume and texture, so you do not have to spend a lot of effort to achieve volume and texture. Well, this headwear looks incredibly good with a neat beard style.

Elegant vintage-inspired hairstyle

Here’s another chic look that’s worth running for. This model can be a good source of inspiration for men looking for a chic yet simple vintage inspired hairstyle. He chose a razor blade on the side that connects his sideburns. You also need to use pomade to achieve this smooth comb, but do not try to overdo it.

Vintage hairstyle with low side

If you are looking for a simple hairstyle is easy to style and wait, then try this particular. It’s a typical vintage hairstyle that requires brushing back the top curls and holding them in place with the help of hair products. The graduated pages give the style an extra charm and make it more eye-catching. Anyway, it’s a great style for men of different ages.

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