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Want to keep your lipstick longer? Here is a tutorial to do that!

Have you ever wondered how some girls seem to apply lipstick that looks good all day long? The worst part is yours seems to disappear within a few hours after the application. Well, as you know, there is technique for applying lipstick that lasts and if you have that, and the habit of licking your lips all the time, you also get lipstick that looks as glamorous as it did when You have applied it. There are some mistakes you should avoid when using make-up, which you also need to know when you do it.

Apart from that, you also need to know what you need to do when applying make-up with glitter – some dos and don’ts to make you look fabulous when you go on lipstick with glitter. If you choose the shade of lipstick you want to use, you should also know how the day makeup look differs from the night make-up look to help you choose the right shade.

Here’s what you need to get started:

  • Some loose powders
  • Some handkerchiefs
  • A lipstick brush
  • A tube of lipstick
  • Matching lip contour pencil
  • A brush for removing dead skin
  • A brush for applying loose powder
  • Lip Balm [19659020] Here is the tutorial for the application of long-lasting lipstick

    Prepare : The first thing you need to do is prepare your lips in such a way that keeps the lipstick longer. Apply a colorless lip balm to your lips, wipe it off and gently remove dead skin from your lips with a brush.

    Outline: The next thing you need to do is use the lip liner to carefully outline the lips. You can give your upper lip a Cupid-like curve if you feel the need. For a more expressive lip, you can easily create an outline on the outside of a lower lip or make the lips look thinner by drawing the line on the inside of the lower lip.

    Use the brush to fill the outline: Now use the lipstick brush to paint the lip color. Do this slowly so that all areas within the outline are completely covered. This also ensures that the lipstick does not look smeared.

    Apply powder: At this stage, gently apply the tissue paper on the lips. Press gently and through the paper, apply loose powder to the lips. Then brush the layer of powder through the paper. This step ensures that the first lipstick layer adheres well to the lips.

    Apply the last layer of the lipstick: Once the excess powder is brushed off, you’ll have to go for the last layer of lipstick. Apply this lipstick layer again with the lipstick brush. Take some time to apply slowly, so that the whole area is covered properly.

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