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What you wear with a poncho – the rules for a fashionable image

What you wear with a poncho – the rules for a fashionable image
The question of what to wear with a poncho occurs in many of the fair good. With this bright and original theme of women’s wardrobe it is possible to make many interesting pictures for different situations.

Among the great variety of women’s clothing is clearly a garment to see like a poncho. This product is very original but very interesting look that attracts many women. However, not all ladies know what to wear with a poncho and which things are better not to combine.

What to wear with a Poncho 2018?

In 2018 stylists and designers presented in their collections many interesting variations of clothes for beautiful ladies. Many brands have taken care to create vibrant and attractive pattern poncho, ideal for mid-season additions of images. For example, in 2018 the following combinations were clearly distinguished:

  • short skirt, knit sweater and thick opaque tights. This perspective should be complemented by high heel shoes that emphasize the femininity and elegance of beautiful ladies, and accessories in an autumn color palette. The best choices are extra-long knit gloves and scarf Snood gray, dark brown or deep blue complexion;
  • tight pants or jeans, ankle boots with block heel and knit sweater. This casual set will look great in combination with colorful ponchos and oversized genuine leather accessories;
  • Leather leggings, high-shaft suede boots and a classic white cotton shirt. This is one of the combinations could wear a poncho and fall and winter. So, in winter, this kit can be supplemented with a knit product, and in winter warm Cape Poncho real rabbit fur;
  • The advanced model poncho jersey dress itself looks very interesting and original, so it should not be complimented with other garments. In 2018, long dress Poncho Cape will be one of the main trends of the season, so fashionable sketches based on them can be found everywhere;
  • In addition, in the hottest season of the upcoming season in the streets you can meet large number of summer variations of this garment. Under the ponchos of thin material, straight and tight pants, miniskirts, classic jeans, not overloaded with decorative elements.

What to wear with a poncho in the spring?

Like a few seasons ago, Poncho 2018 can be used in a large number of stylish pictures for the off season. The modern model of this garment is extremely aesthetic, feminine and elegant, so it can be combined with various garments, shoes and accessories. So the majority of girls choose the following combinations in spring 2018:

  • Skinny jeans or flared pants in combination with a T-shirt, a turtleneck, a thin sweater or a jacket. This kit can be selected from a variety of models – high heel pumps, boots, wedges, or high heeled stiletto heels, platform sandals, and more;
  • conical pants that can be cut short or classically cut, shirt or blouse and slippers made of genuine leather. If this combination is necessary for the girl to create a strong business image, it is necessary to choose a white upper and black or dark blue base. Everyday look in the Ah, you can certainly experiment with shades – from what ponchos, perfect green, burgundy, red, plum and other pants wear. The blouse should remain as concise as possible in all these cases;
  • Looks great with poncho robes made of leather pants and elegant pencil skirts. In this case, the legs should be shoes or shoes with high heels;
  • Finally, the poncho can be worn in the spring with dresses, usually crocheted or knitted. For model MIDI and maxi length, it is recommended to choose boots or ankle boots with heels and mini skirts – knee boots over the knees.

What should you wear with a poncho in the summer?

Year Old Model This product is almost always a replacement for a sweater, jacket or cardigan, so it should be worn over basic women’s coat tops – shirts, T-shirts or simple tops and turtlenecks. The bottom of this path should be kept restrained and concise – perfectly simple straight classic pants or jeans.

In addition, girls and women often wonder what to wear with a coat poncho on a cool summer day. This thing is very difficult to fit into the image of a modern fashionista as it adds volume and always attracts attention. The best thing about this product looks great with bodycon dresses and midi length skirts, skinny jeans and high heel shoes.

What do ponchos wear in autumn?

In the fall The year there is a maximum number of options that poncho can be worn for a walk, a romantic date or a friendly meeting. During this time, stylists are advised to wear insulated products that may be an alternative to the usual coat. This is how the warm poncho looks good on the following women’s clothing:

  • Pants and skinny jeans;
  • Skirt tulip or pencil;
  • elegant shift dress made of thick knit

What to wear is a poncho in winter?

The question of what you can wear with leggings in the winter, attracts fashion ladies who want to look “pointed” in any season. Winter models often have a fur trim or are made entirely of natural or man-made fur that makes them luxurious and elegant. For this reason, women’s warm poncho is best combined with elegant dresses, especially maxi-length, and high-heeled shoes.

What to wear on the beach poncho?

In recent years tourists increasingly see the original beach poncho, which is worn over a swimsuit. Usually this thing chooses a brave and confident girl who always has to stay in the limelight. Beach picture based on this product always looks delicious, but to emphasize it is possible to add straw hat and charming sandals on a small wedge heel.

Fashionable pictures with a poncho

To create stylish, bright, and appealing images based on this garment, you need to know how to wear a poncho. So, the girls and women it is important to understand that this product is always a main focus of fashion, and to combine it excessively with other memorable objects is not recommended. In addition, each model poncho gives the upper body more volume and must therefore reach the right proportions.

Poncho with skirt

With the skirts of different styles and lengths, you can create a bright, stylish and feminine look for any situation. Business women like the combination of a white poncho and a black leather pencil skirt. In everyday life, you can wear a bright poncho model with a simple print and denim skirt in classic navy color of crisp denim. As for shoes, such outfit, best comfortable shoes or boots on a low steady heel.

A poncho is with jeans

Beautiful and bright poncho looks great with skinny jeans in boots with a high shaft or jeans with a not too flared knee. In the latter case, low shoes should be preferred – boots or boots. Fashion knit poncho in combination with jeans is perfectly located for walking, shopping or meeting friends in the warm spring or fall days. If the weather is not too good and there is a high probability of a sudden onset of rain, it is better to prefer a warm hooded poncho with a hood.

Poncho dress

To create a feminine and romantic pictures are a wonderful choice would be a tight fitting, poncho that just looks great. The length of such a motif can vary, but from mini to maxi this parameter depends very much on the choice of shoes. So the short mini dress with poncho can be worn in combination with Botfortas, medium length items with the classic boots and maxi models with short boots or ankle boots.

The hem of the dress can be combined with a poncho should not be too wide as the skirt in the ensemble with this article the top of the wardrobe will look awkward and too bulky. The same applies to pleated skirts and models with a large number of wrinkles and wrinkles in the lower part of the product. A good choice for creating such pictures – elegant coat dress calm colors emphasize the feminine curves and seductive silhouette of the owner.

Poncho with belt

Because this product adds volume to the top of the picture and looks too massive and awkward, many ladies supplement its thin or wide belt, emphasizing the waist. Poncho with belt is perfect for feminine and romantic pictures and goes well with different skirts and dresses.

Very good, when the waist of this garment meets other accessories such as the black leather belt E. make a wonderful pair of gloves of the same material, a fabric belt goes well with an elegant hat with a similar texture and a shade cloth.

What to wear with a poncho shoe

The choice of shoes on the subject of a woman’s wardrobe is incredibly wide. So everyday or knitted wool poncho can be combined with sneakers, wedge or platform shoes with any soles, the square shoes, elegant ankle boots and Chelsea boots.

In winter, spring and autumn, a poncho, clothing should be warm and comfortable, fits perfectly with a variety of boots. The heel height of these shoes depends on the selected pants or skirts, narrow legs and short skirt can be better combined with high boots and wide leg pants and long skirts with neat ankle boots.

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