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Hello! So today’s tutorial is a really basic style that has been in demand lately and fits in perfectly with this series! It’s really great for everything from school work to a date night out, etc., because depending on your outfit and how dramatic your jewelry is, it’s really easy to dress up or lower. And I think it takes less than a minute to complete!

Step 1: Start by brushing your hair smoothly and then pulling it up into a high ponytail. Hold the base of the ponytail in one hand, use your others to loosen the hair on the scalp a little and give more body and fullness.

Step 2: Inject a tiny amount of serum into your hand and gently rub across and through your ponytail to give it long-lasting suppleness and support. (If you have really thin hair, at this point you can swipe your ponytail up slightly to make more volume for your braid.) Separate your ponytail into two sections and start turning counterclockwise to the left.

Step 3: Once fully twisted, start turning them in the opposite direction against each other or clockwise to the right. Thread the braid out slightly by pulling on the cuts to make it look even thicker. Spray the ropes with a little hairspray and rub gently downwards so that the spray sticks better to the mesh. and you are done!

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